Bracelets Send A Message

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Paula with dancers.arms raised


Bracelets as symbols of movements are not new.  But but they must be noticed to have an impact and raise awareness.  A large orange chain which stands out in a crowd makes people look and question.  Reactions - "What is that ugly thing on your wrist?"   "This is a formal event, do you wear that because of a medical condition?"  "How do you type with that thing."  "What does it mean?"

All good questions that open the door to conversations about human trafficking.


IMG 0670 2 The bracelet’s primary component is a large linked orange chain. The ends are joined by a plate that displays the message Live Free and a broken chain. The bracelet is made of light weight materials and slips on and off. It is made for Break These Chains by Opportunity Village, a Nevada non-profit organization known for its services and advocacy on behalf of mentally disadvantaged persons – a group that is often exploited and the prey of human trafficking. Fists from Rally