Trafficking: A Student View Through Art

Each year, millions of children and adults are exploited by human traffickers. The psychological and physical abuse suffered by trafficked persons leaves invisible and visible “chains”. Below, students offer their views of such suffering.

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 "Bound in Chains" by Noemi M. 
"My artwork symbolizes the hold that human trafficking has on the victims that endure the atrocities of being sold and traded off like inanimate objects.
The lock and chain are depicted to help people understand the treatment victims undergo".


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 "Chained" by Arys P.
"In my picture the girl is in the dark, handcuffed with her mouth zipped shut. Her freedom is gone, and she makes money for her two new "Masters."


"Megalomaniac" by Kerigan C.
"The puppet represents a loss of innocence and control over one's life when in the hands of human traffickers. The man, of course, represents the trafficking rings."